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DAWNTOWN is a western adventure with cosmic horror elements taking place in ARCEEDEUS, a distant planet only inhabited by small desert animals. Due to extreme heat, ARCEEDEUS is primarily arid and dry, composed of deserts, rainforests, rolling plains, and... A living organism. AROUND THIRTY YEARS AGO, ARCEEDEUS WAS VISITED BY A MASSIVE SENTIENT INTERGALATIC BEING, THIS CELESTIAL body was brought life right next to the planet, dubbing Itself "THE MANHATTAN TRANSFER." Its gift of existence had left a mark, however. A perfect miracle can't come without a price. The force of a star being born so close to the planet of ARCEEDEUS decimated the half of it- remnants that had been broken off floating into the infinity. The first to lay eyes upon such a magnificent being was enamored by its beauty, admiring it admist all the rubble. THE MANHATTAN TRANSFER'S light burned into their eyes, but they could not look away. Spoke THE MANHATTAN TRANSFER'S booming voice, "TO YOU I WILL GRANT YOU RICHES, FAME, ADMIRATION, POWER, AND EVENTUALLY, IN DEATH- ETERNAL BLISS. ALL YOU MUST DO IS PROVIDE ME WITH A CONSTANT SOURCE OF ENERGY, IN EXTREME AMOUNT. TRANSFER IT TO ME, AND WITH THOSE, YOU WILL HAVE YOUR PARADISE, AND THAT PARADISE YOU WILL HAVE DOMINION OF."

And thus, it attached itself onto ARCEEDEUS, claws dug deep within the earth like roots to dirt. And with that promise, the TRANSFERS were brought into rule. WYLER WHEELERHEIM of SCORPIA- a sun-baked desert, master of cleancut design and puppetry, CICI CECILIA of CARCADIUS- a fortified rainforest, a genius of destruction and weaponry, and SPEED KING of ACCLERATION DAMNATION, built on the back of THE MANHATTAN TRANSFEER, a "KING" of sports and tricks. IN A TIME OF CRISIS, these three, along with THE MANHATTAN TRANSFER itself brought forth hope and meaning in their lives. THOUGH... There were people who spat inthe face of the TRANSFERS, who abhorred them.

A few miles away from the SCORPIAN capital, resides a dinky little town with no more than a population of a hundred strong called DAWNTOWN. Incredibly undesired, rickety, and cartoonishly dangerous, it sits by its lonesome, even the towns next to it bundling their buildings up in a hankerchief and moving far away out of fear of "catching its bad luck." DAWNTOWN led by MAYOR JACULUS, an antsy middle-aged man who keeps finding his town getting into constant mishaps with The SCORPIAN Capital. However, one day, a mysterious gunslinger the people named "CAESAR STEELHAND" comes to town. Known as the first rancher to never miss a single shot- reportedly having shot a man straight through the skull from a mile away with impeccabble aim and having done the same to many others. Them and their strider steed, JEBEDIAH, travel the sands, and ends up being the only person finding promise in that town's people- and one of those few who absolutely despise THE TRANSFERS.






Depictions of manipulation


Strong language

If violence and guns are a no-go for you, I suggest not reading the comic at all. There isn't a particular age rating for DAWNTOWN, either... Just 13+ as a base.