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* EVERPLAYTHISGAME was an interactive ARG in the ask blog format created by Campyvillain on Tumblr on blogs Everplaythisgame, Castletalearchives, Ranvieranvieranvier, and Alex198932. it was in operation from November 22 2021 to January 23rd 2023 before eventually being cancelled then later rebooted into an entirely new project in June of 2022. It intially centered around Ronald Devlin, a man who found a mysterious game called "NERVES" in his late mother's attic. Whenever he opened up NERVES, it greeted him with a strange computer critter who callled itself Ranvier & prevented him from engaging with NERVES. He asked on numerous forums if anyone had ever played or heard of the game to no avail, before getting a response from a stranger named "Alex" who informed him he knew insight on the game. With his hopes finally up, him and Alex converse to learn more about each other and the game. To Ronald's dismay, it is revealed "Alex" Is a character from the game NERVES really named Axon. Axon uses his powers to trap Ronald inside the game and make him the new Bastion.


After Ron is transported into the game by Axon, we are introduced to Cerebelle. She is a 13 year old girl who lives in Wheresville, a zone in Frayzend. Cerebelle is shy, peppy, avoidant, and rather sheltered girl. She lacks a gimmick, which is something unusual for someone her age. Gimmicks are a key element of a person gained in childhood during a life altering event. If someone's gimmick is rage for example, they will always feel some sort of anger within them. Even animals have their own unique gimmick. However, Cerebelle is a completely blank slate. She knows little about the outside world because her mayor mother- rather Mayormom strictly enforces everyone stay inside Wheresville's borders because of the outside world being "unsafe" and people never returning once they leave. Cerebelle leaves her home to go hang out at "The Zone," a massive empty lot where all the cool kids of Wheresville hang out together. Upon her arrival, she's scared by two kids named Pupil and Iris.

Iris is a 13 year old who wants to be seen as cool and has a passion for wizardry, also incredibly relaxed and chill. However, behind their coolness facade they are rather nervous and worried, usually stuttering or backing out of things that may be too risky and are a little suspcious of others. Pupil is a chaotic 8 year old kid who talks loudly and chitters on endlessly & is desensitized to violence or harm, working in a cartoony way and also loving to tear apart ants. Cerebelle introduces herself to them as "Pizza Rolls" by command of the anonymous askers, and Iris shortens it to PR, which becomes "Party Rockers" and is never brought up again. The border to The Zone ends with a creepy wall, which had a rumour spread around about mysterious carnival music playing out of it. The three approach it and the music plays. It feels... Very heavy. Like dread. Iris and Pupil have never gone beyond the wall before, nor has Cerebelle. Cerebelle suggests they climb the wall- Iris gets nervous, but Pupil excitedly squeals that they should climb it. They catapult Cerbelle up the wall who lands halfway and sticks to it like a gecko. She almost climbs it before hearing the click of heels behind her... Her mother. Mayormom is shocked & worried at the revalation of her daughter trying to climb the wall. She drags Cerebelle back to her office, incredibly dissapointed in her actions.

Mayormom tells Cerebelle off for trying to climb over the wall- Though not without reason. With terror in her voice she says beyond the borders are evil. No one comes back after going across the wall. Cerebelle tries to refute her mother but she is cut short by Mayormom's words. Cerebelle begs her mom to let her to go back so she can warn her friends, but Mayormom gets angry and tells her they are a bad crowd and they aren't real friends if they're putting her in danger. Suddenly, a strange knock raps on their door. A special one. Mayormom gets up to answer the door, leaving Cerebelle inside. Cerebelle notices the window is slightly ajar while waiting and walks over to it and squeezes herself out of the house. Iris bounds over to Cerebelle and explains to her out of breath her mom was mom-napped and Pupil adds on by saying it was Cake People that took them. Cerebelle panicks and informs them that people who go over the wall will die... But they need to find Mayormom. Pupil, Mayormom, and Cerebelle hoist themselves up the wall and into a... Themepark?

The park is a mess with torn posters and destroyed equipment everywhere and a distinctive M pattern. The same heavy feeling arises. The Theme Park is named MAXFUN, marked by the squeaky rotting arch leading into the themepark entrance. Inside the park there is "stains" everywhere. Blood and rotten remains cover every inch of the park. Rides seem rusted over and partially destroyed. Cerebelle feels anxious and worried, afraid and that they should go home. Iris finds it cool. Pupil is completely unphased and doesn't care at all about the viscera that paints the park. Iris tells the both of them to shut up whenever Iris hears commotion from a group of people in the distance- Talking about a "Mold." They catiously approach the group and hide...

One of the cake people(King Birthday) who mom-napped Mayormom is now threatening the owner of the theme park (Mr. Maxilla.) Mr. Maxilla is taunting King Birthday and telling him riddles, contorting his body in freakishly inhuman shapes as King Birthday gets angrier and angrier, screaming at him to tell him the whereabouts of the "Mold" while explaining all the gruesome ways he'll kill him. Mr. Maxilla continues to tell his riddles, before King Birthday grabs him by the throat and slams him to the ground, threatning him a final time before leaving to search for the Mold with his troop, leaving Mr. Maxilla whimpering in pain on the pavement. Cerebelle awkwardly approaches the writhing mass of Maxilla. He shoots up and twists his body cartoonishly and excitedly welcomes the three children. He looks incredibly pained- mentally and physically. Cerebelle begins to explain she's looking for her mom, and starts to cry midway... Mr. Maxilla's delirium melts into sympathy as he reassures her, noteably being very gentle with children. Mr. Maxilla also understands the grief of losing someone. Pupil eagerly asks Mr. Maxilla if he has any brain exploding killing rides, and Mr. Maxilla says yes. Pupil clings to his leg like sloth to branch and asks if they can be best friends for life, and awkwardly agrees. Cerebelle asks if he has any idea on how they can help Mayormom, and Maxilla says he has just the object to help! Only.. It comes out strange. Not like how it was before, or Maxilla remembers it. It's a void.

Mr. Maxilla lead (wip


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